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Born To Be Big Multiplayer 3.2

Born To Be Big Multiplayer 2.0 is a very fun arcade game
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Born To Be Big Multiplayer 2.0 is a very fun arcade game. It’s installation is very easy and during it’s process you can add the free toolbar from which will allow you to access hundreds of free games. After the installation is done you will find an options section at the game’s main screen, there you are able to configure the view of the screen and to turn on/off music and sounds. In the game you are a little fish in the middle of the option, so you have one objective, to survive; in order to do so, you have to eat as much as you can, in this way you will grow more and more, but be careful on what you eat because you can find something that after eating them will decrease your movements or make you loose points, with other objects you can raise your speed, pause other fishes and add points. Remember that you are only able to eat fishes that are smaller than you. The movements of the fish are controlled very easy with the use of the arrow keys in your keyboard or with the mouse.

Augusto Rivera
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